Consumer unit upgrades in Reading

Upgrade your fuse box with the help of U-Connect Electrical Ltd in Reading.

About us

The upgrading of an old fuse box or fuse board requires a qualified Part P registered electrician. At U-Connect Electrical Ltd in Reading, we are fully qualified and insured, and we have may years of experience in dealing with fuse boxes – now commonly known as consumer units.


Circuit breakers

Modern consumer unit circuit breakers can disconnect the electricity supply in milliseconds compared to the old-style fuses, which may take seconds to blow. With the old type fuse box, in the event of a wiring fault there is also a chance that the electricity supply could stay connected until a fire starts.

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Benefits of modern consumer units

Faster to disconnect
Safer design
Reduced fire risk
When fitted with a residual current device (RCD) a modern consumer unit can reduce the chance of a fatality resulting from an electric shock

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